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Small Black Tourmaline Pendant

Small Black Tourmaline Pendant

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Copper wrapped, natural stone may vary, comes with free chain

Sourced from Sri Lanka, Africa, Europe, and North America

Black tourmaline protects against negative energies, electromagnetic fields, and radiation. It’s known to absorb all the negative energy that surrounds it. The stone can prevent unwanted energy from entering your home, mind, body, or spirit which gives this stone its protective quality. The most effective blocker of ill-wishing, curses, and psychic attacks. High grounding and stabilizing energy is also associated with it because of the stone’s association to the root chakra.

As it clears negative thoughts, it promotes a laid back attitude, encouraging rational thought and objective neutrality. Black Tourmaline also instills a positive attitude no matter what the situation is.

Schrol, another term for the crystal, is also used to ground energy, relieve stress and tension and activate throat and third eye chakra. The copper wire assists in conduction and amplify the properties of the crystal.

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