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Large Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

Large Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

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Sourced from North America, England, Australia, Germany, China, Peru and Brazil

Highly protective of the psyche, it helps the healer to discern when outside influences are at work and excessive mental influence. A stone that craves perfection and organization, Fluorite cleanses, purifies, and reorganizes anything that’s not in perfect order.

It promotes unbiased impartiality and elevates intuitive abilities as it makes you more aware oh higher spiritual dimensions and can speed up your spiritual awakening. Fluorite dissolves fixed thinking and behavior patterns and brings suppressed feelings from the subconscious to the surface for resolution.

Superb for learning as it organizes and processes information and increases conversation. It promotes the ability to absorb new information and think quickly.

The colors in this stone are linked to the heart and crown chakras. These combined enable wisdom of spiritual awakening to come in the body and resonate in the heart. During meditation it brings a gentle flowing sense of peace to mind, body, and spirit. It helps calm and relax body and mind, and ease physical or emotional stress. Known to bring peace and joy into your life.

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