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Citrine Ring

Citrine Ring

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*Copper wrapped (natural stone may vary)*

Sourced from Brazil, France, Madagascar, and Russia

Used to bring the aura into alignment with the body. This crystal harnesses the power of the sun making it a powerful regenerator and cleanser. It absorbs, transmutes, and grounds negative energy and never has to be cleansed. It’s energizing qualities help restore balance from stress and trauma.

Citrine stimulates creative thinking and inspiration. Place it in your personal space to bring abundance and good fortune. It’s connected to the Solar Plexus. The crystal teaches you generosity and encourages sharing what you have while also helping you to hold onto your wealth.

It raises self esteem and self confidence as it removes destructive tendencies. Individuality and self expression are improved causing you to be motivated, active, and creative. Joy of life is promoted with this crystal.

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