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Spiritual Energy Clearing

Seeking to cleanse your spiritual space, release negative energy, and restore harmony to yourself?

  • 1 h
  • From 98 US dollars
  • Dupont Circle

Service Description

Our Spiritual Energy Clearing service offers a comprehensive and transformative experience, using a variety of sacred tools and practices to purify your aura and surroundings. Crystal Healing: We will select specific crystals that resonate with your intentions, placing them strategically to cleanse and align your energy centers. Sage Smudging: Embrace the ancient tradition of sage smudging, where aromatic white sage is carefully lit and its cleansing smoke is used to purify your space. As the smoke envelops you, it helps release negativity and stagnant energy. Palo Santo Blessing: The sacred wood of Palo Santo is utilized to bring about purification and blessings. The sweet and woody aroma fills the air as it dispels negative energies, creating a calming and harmonious environment. Herbal Infusions: Immerse yourself in the power of herbal remedies. A customized blend of herbs, chosen for their unique properties, is prepared for you to inhale or bathe in. These infusions assist in clearing and revitalizing your spiritual and physical being. Florida Water Blessing: Florida Water, a mystical cologne with purifying qualities, is gently applied to your body, invoking a sense of spiritual cleanliness and tranquility. Tuning with Singing Bowls: As you lie comfortably, the resonating tones of Tibetan singing bowls create a soothing soundscape that harmonizes your energy field. The vibrations promote deep relaxation, inner peace, and the release of any remaining negativity. Guided Meditation: Our practitioners will guide you through a calming meditation, encouraging you to let go of stress, anxiety, and any emotional burdens. You will emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and inner calm. Energy Balancing: Throughout the service, our practitioners will work with you to detect and balance energy blockages, ensuring that your spiritual and emotional well-being is harmonized. Benefits: Release Negativity: Purge negative energy from your surroundings and within yourself. Spiritual Rejuvenation: Renew your spiritual and emotional well-being. Stress Relief: Experience profound relaxation and stress reduction. Harmonious Environment: Create a space filled with positive and balanced energy. Duration: 1 hour Book your Spiritual Cleansing and Energy Clearing experience with us today, and embrace a new chapter of spiritual purity

Contact Details

  • 1803 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA


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